Our roasting process



Profile lab roaster: To get a perfectly roasted coffee the following steps are necessary:

Heating the roaster: We begin the day heating up the roaster. It takes a while until the roaster is hot enough and has reached a temperature of 200 Celsius. Only then we can start filling the beans.


Filling: The green coffee beans are poured into the roaster with a funnel. Our roaster can handle amounts between 500 gramms and 7 kilos. The temperature varies according to the amount of beans.


Roasting process: Comparable to a tumble dryer the roaster takes turns while we regulate the temperature with a gas valve. The master of the roasting process handles the process according temperature of the exhausted air, the temperature of the beans, the smell and the color of the beans. After a few minutes the silvery skin of the beans begin to fall off. Then the beans start to change their color. From dark green over yellow to light brown the beans change their look until they are brown, as we generally know them.






derkaffee distinguishes three stages: a light roast for a mild and aromatic coffee with cream, a middle roast for caffee latte and espresso and a dark roast for espresso and cappuccino. The master of roasting permenantly controls the beans through a little window and by breathing in and smelling. Due to water vapor and gas there is a pressure in the bean. With a little crash they become bigger. These cracklings are important signs. Mild roasts are reached soon after the first cracklings whereas for darker roasts the second cracklings must be awaited. But then we must be very careful because the beans easily burn and turn into coal.

Cooling off the beans: As soon as the desired stage of roasting is achieved the beans are poured out of the not tumbler into a cooling tray. A strong stream of air and an agitator make sure that the roasting process is interrupted immediately. It is very important that the inner tempereature of the beans sinks onto room temperature.




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